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FRES (Foundation Rural Energy Services) is a nonprofit organization that fosters rural electrification in developing countries by setting up small-scale commercial electricity companies in areas without a connection to the national electricity grid. We offer households and small companies access to electricity derived from solar energy. The availability of electricity contributes to poverty reduction and enhances the living conditions of the rural inhabitants.

Currently we have five FRES companies in Africa: NuRa (South Africa), Yeelen Ba (Burkina Faso), Yeelen Kura (Mali), FRES Uganda Ltd. (Uganda) en FRES Guinea-Bissau (Guinea-Bissau). As of year-end 2013 the FRES companies provided 30,252 households, businesses and community centres with afforable and reliable access to electricity. FRES Netherlands provides the expertise and investments needed for the FRES businesses to start up and grow.

Our ambition is, with the help of investors and sponsors, to set up several companies by the year 2020 that will give access to electricity to a total of 100,000 households.