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Assistant Professor of Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules (Tenure Track)

Research As an Assistant Professor (tenure track) you will further strengthen research in the field of chemical physics or physical chemistry, especially …

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Comeniuslaan, Nijmegen, Gelderland
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
30 - 38 uur
€ 4757 - € 4757 per maand


As an Assistant Professor (tenure track) you will further strengthen research in the field of chemical physics or physical chemistry, especially where systems involving cold and controlled molecules are concerned. Your research programme should be complementary to the current activities in the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules department (SCM), headed by Prof. S.Y.T. (Bas) van de Meerakker, for example, by focusing in particular on interactions of molecules with surfaces or interfaces. Other examples are studies involving Rydberg states or molecular ions, reactive scattering, and spectroscopic investigations using advanced light sources. Your programme should add valuable novel aspects to the SCM group’s research programme but should also be coherent with it.

You will be expected to enthusiastically adopt a leading role in the development and teaching of modern and inspiring courses in physical chemistry and chemical physics in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes of the educational institutes of Molecular Sciences and Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy.

The educational programmes of these institutes have strong links with the research of the IMM and prepare students for professional practice in fields involving the generation of knowledge (fundamental and applied research), transfer of knowledge (communication and education) and use of knowledge (business and management). To achieve this adequately, the interaction between scientific research and education is essential. The strong connection between education and research offers a means to retain and attract talented Master’s students for PhD projects, by giving them the opportunity to actively shape their PhD projects.


- an excellent track record in chemical physics or physical chemistry, as demonstrated by publications and presentations at international conferences;
- excellent teaching skills , particularly in physics or chemistry;
- the ability to initiate and develop a new research line, and to attract sufficient funding for your research line.


you will initially be appointed as an Assistant Professor, Level 2 (salary scale 11) in the Dutch university job-ranking system (UFO). If your performance is evaluated positively at the end of your tenure track, you will be offered a permanent position as an Assistant Professor, Level 1 (salary scale 12).

Additional information

Prof. Dr. S.Y.T. van de Meerakker
+3124 365 30 25


Radboud University


Strategically located in Europe, Radboud University is one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands. A place with a personal touch, where top-flight education and research take place on a beautiful green campus in modern buildings with state-of-art facilities. Faculty of Science The Institute for Molecules and Materials is an interdisciplinary research institute in chemistry
and physics at Radboud University. Our mission is to perform fundamental research and train the next generation of leaders in science and entrepreneurship to the highest international standards. The IMM is a highly interdisciplinary research institute comprising 19 research groups active in areas ranging from condensed matter science to biochemical synthesis. Research focuses on three interlinked themes: 1. Structure and Dynamics of Molecules, 2. Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Complex Molecular Systems, and 3. Quantum Matter. The emphasis is on fundamental research with an open eye for potential applications. The latter has already led to a substantial number of spin-off activities.

The IMM distinguishes itself from similar institutes by strong collaborations and interactions between chemists and physicists and/or experimentalists and theorists and a very strong infrastructure including large user facilities such as the High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) and the Free Electron Laser facility FELIX.

You will formally be part of the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules department (SCM, part of the IMM) headed by Prof. S.Y.T. (Bas) van de Meerakker, and you will be able to contribute to the research of that group and to that of the Institute for Molecules and Materials in general. The SCM department has a broad research programme to study molecular collision processes in the gas phase, with high precision and in low-temperature regimes. We use Stark and Zeeman deceleration techniques to obtain full control over the velocities and quantum states of the molecules prior to the collision, and state-of-the-art velocity map imaging techniques to probe the collision products. Strong collaborations exist with theory groups to interpret the experimental results.

Radboud University is an equal opportunity employer, committed to building a culturally diverse intellectual community, and as such encourages applications from women and minorities. The university offers customised facilities to better align work and private life. Parents are entitled to partly paid parental leave and Radboud University employees enjoy flexibility in the way they structure their work. The university highly values the career development of its staff, which is facilitated by a variety of programmes.

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