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Smart Freight Centre (SFC) was established in 2013 as a global non-profit organization to lead the way to a more efficient and environmentally sustainable global freight sector. SFC mobilizes business to reduce emissions across their global logistics supply chain and recognizes leaders. Together with leading multinationals, partners and other key stakeholders we work towards:

  • Harmonized frameworks for emissions calculation and reduction. The first is a universal method for companies to calculate and report their carbon footprint consistently and inform business decisions and efforts to reduce emissions: the GLEC Framework.

  • Professionalized transport operators for fleet energy management. SFC developed a Smart Transport Managers Training (STMT) that equips transport managers to become elite professionals on efficient truck fleet management. A community of professional transport operators is critical for multinationals to realize emission reduction targets.

  • Connected business and stakeholders to accelerate action. SFC organizes events and manages/advises on projects that are relevant to business, and advocates for smarter freight with government, initiatives and other players.

For more details on SFC and its programs see www.smartfreightcentre.org.