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Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is a global, mission-driven organization leading the way to more efficient and low-emission freight. Our aim is to drive transparency and mobilize multinational companies and their logistics partners to reduce the climate and pollution impact arising from global freight.

To do so we bring together the global logistics community to

  • develop global industry guidelines and solutions for emissions calculation, reporting and reduction, the first of which is the GLEC Framework

  • support businesses to take action through advice, assessments and training and recognition of Smart Freight Leaders

  • advocate for industry-wide adoption of guidelines and solutions and alignment with policy

To scale our impact we are present in Europe, the Americas and Asia and collaborate with existing initiatives, partner organizations and experts worldwide.

SFC is positioned to lead and coordinate global efforts due to our dedicated purpose to reduce freight emissions, our subject matter expertise and our established industry network.

Connect with us on Twitter and Linkedin and visit us at www.smartfreightcentre.org