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Postdoc in Sustainable Airport Technologies

A wide variety of technologies and innovations are necessary to achieve sustainable aviation, ranging from aircraft developments, including hybrid/electric, …

2 maanden geleden


Mekelweg, Delft, Zuid-Holland
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
38 - 38 uur
€ 2836 - € 4474 per maand


A wide variety of technologies and innovations are necessary to achieve sustainable aviation, ranging from aircraft developments, including hybrid/electric, and hydrogen propulsion systems, optimized flight operations, and efficient airline & airport operations.

Introduction of all these innovations will change the way aircraft operate, and also requires significant changes to the airport infrastructure, and airport ground operations. To what extent airports are in the end able to accommodate and integrate these sustainable technologies will (partly) determine whether we are able to reach the sustainability goals.

The Postdoc position is offered at the the Air Transport & Operations (ATO) section of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering to support the sustainability-related research.

The postdoc will work on the following two topics:

1) Introduction of Airport ground operations innovations.
The Postdoc will support ongoing ATO projects, such as the AEON (Advance Engine Off Navigation) project. AEON is a European project funded by SESAR Joint Undertaking that aims at innovating airport ground operations with more environmentally friendly taxiing techniques for the aviation sector. In particular, it aims to define and evaluate a concept of operations for autonomous and non-autonomous taxiing techniques, making use of novel technologies that are coming onto the market, such as Taxi Bots, E-Taxi and Single Engine Taxiing. AEON aims to deliver the following results amongst others:

a) Development of supporting algorithms to help operators manage the tug fleet.
b) Creation of a collaborative tool to help airline and airport implement the solution.

The postdoc will specifically focus on evaluation and integration of these technologies (e.g. safety, cost/benefit, capacity/efficiency) and support on integrating the developed algorithms, so that the simulation tool can be used in real-time. The postdoc will be closely working with the ATO colleagues involved, the other PhD-candidates hired for this project, and the consortium partners, including Schiphol.

The AEON project started in the end of 2020 and lasts until end 2022.

2) Impact of introducing other sustainable innovations in the airport operations.
In addition to the technologies investigated in the AEON project, other sustainable aviation technologies, for instance in the field of electric, electric-hybrid and hydrogen operations, will need to be integrated in the airport system as well. The Postdoc will investigate what it means for airports (e.g. infrastructure and scheduling of operations) to accommodate these technologies, and how a competitive aircraft turnaround time can be achieved.

Both parts include helping with setting up and supervising MSc thesis assignments.


The following requirements are set in order to be considered for the position:

  • A PhD degree in the areas of aerospace engineering, computer science, operations research, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering or other related areas
  • Strong mathematical and analytical skills
  • Strong programming skills
  • Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English
  • Creativity, positive attitude, and perseverance
  • Comfortable to work both independently and in a team
  • Affinaty with the aviation industry


Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. The TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package, a discount on health insurance and sport memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible work schedules can be arranged.

For international applicants we offer the Coming to Delft Service and Partner Career Advice to assist you with your relocation. An International Children's Centre offers childcare and there is an international primary school.

Additional information

The Air Transport and Operations section is a vibrant and youthful group of 20-30 enthusiastic staff members and PhDs with 50 MSc students per year. It develops innovative analytical models to address operational air transport problems, faced by, e.g., airports, airlines, maintenance service providers, aircraft manufactures or policy makers. The section currently plays a leading role in the European air transport research, closing collaborating with major European aviation stakeholders and participating in and coordinating several European research projects.

For more information about this vacancy, please contact Dr. Alexei Sharpanskykh - Assistant Professor, email: O.A.Sharpanskykh@tudelft.nl.