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Postdoc (Meta-)Learning to Give Feedback in Interactive Learning

Why build AI systems that replace people if we can build AI systems that collaborate with people? Hybrid Intelligence is the combination of human and machine …

3 maanden geleden


Mekelweg, Delft, Zuid-Holland
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
24 - 40 uur
€ 2790 - € 4402 per maand


Why build AI systems that replace people if we can build AI systems that collaborate with people? Hybrid Intelligence is the combination of human and machine intelligence, expanding human intellect instead of replacing it. Our goal is to design Hybrid Intelligent systems, an approach to Artificial Intelligence that puts humans at the center, changing the course of the ongoing AI revolution.

The project will be recruiting 15 PhD or postdoc positions in total. For more information on the project see www.hybrid-intelligence-centre.nl.

At Delft University of Technology we are looking for a postdoc who wants to push machine learning beyond traditional settings that assume a fixed dataset. Specifically, in this project we will investigate interactive learning settings in which two or more learners interact by giving each other feedback to reach an outcome that is desirable from a system designers perspective. The goal is to better understand how to structure interactions to effectively progress to the desirable outcome state, and to develop practical learning techniques and algorithms that exploit these generated insights.

This postdoc position is part of the Hybrid Intelligence project and the successful candidate will be supervised by Dr. Frans Oliehoek (TU Delft) and Dr. Herke van Hoof (University of Amsterdam).

If you want to be also considered for one of our other PhD positions, then also upload your documents to our Hybrid Intelligence talent pool.

Your information will then be shared among the researchers in the consortium, and you may be approached for one of the other positions listed on www.hybrid-intelligence-centre.nl/jobs.

The department of Intelligent Systems (INSY) conceptualizes computer science methodologies to sense, abstract, learn, reason, elicitate and adapt data and their meaning in ways that respect human values in order to increase human effectiveness in well-being and social innovation. At the heart of the department is therefore the research and teaching in computer science theory, algorithms and solutions for information processing systems that support humans (e.g. robotics), new products (e.g. internet services), and science (e.g. biology)

The Interactive Intelligence group focuses on interaction of users with intelligent systems. In particular we have a strong track record on the development of smart interactive agents. Such agents possess capabilities including learning, reasoning, social skills, emotions, and norms and can interact with humans. These agents typically function as coach, artificial actor, or companion, and are used in a wide variety of applications including therapy, health and entertainment.

The Hybrid Intelligence Centre is a collaboration of top AI researchers from the VU Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam, the TU Delft, and the Universities of Groningen, Leiden, and Utrecht, in areas such as machine learning, knowledge representation, natural language understanding & generation, information retrieval, multi-agent systems, psychology, multimodal interaction, social robotics, AI & law and ethics of technology. The HI centre will create a national and international focus point for research on all aspects of Hybrid Intelligent systems.


We are looking for a curiosity-driven researcher that is motivated to push the boundaries of machine learning in interactive settings. We expect that the project will consist both of theoretical parts (e.g., proving theorems) and empirical parts (e.g., running simulations, and analyzing the results). Depending on the skills and aptitude of the candidate the research could focus more on the former or the latter.

Strict requirements:

  • a PhD degree in AI or closely related topics in computer science, math, or physics.

Other desiderata:

  • thorough knowledge of general area of reinforcement learning, decision making under uncertainty, and/or other forms of interactive machine learning such as generative adversarial networks, or online learning.
  • track record with international publications
  • good coding skills and experience in contemporary machine learning framework (e.g., Tensorflow, Pytorch)
  • fluent in English
  • self-motivated
  • team player: willing to initiate collaborations with other partners in the project.


Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities. The TU Delft offers a customisable compensation package, a discount on health insurance and sport memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible work schedules can be arranged.

For international applicants we offer the Coming to Delft Service and Partner Career Advice to assist you with your relocation. An International Children's Centre offers childcare and there is an international primary school.

Additional information

For information about this vacancy or the selection procedure, you can contact Dr. Frans Oliehoek, Associate Professor, who will be the primary supervisor for this position, email: f.a.oliehoek@tudelft.nl.