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Full professor or Associate Professor 'Digital Health Communication'

We are looking for a colleague with an excellent research background in the field of health communication, with a particular interest in the use of new media or data science for health applications. The new ...

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Warandelaan, Tilburg, Noord-Brabant
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
40 - 40 uur


We are looking for a colleague with an excellent research background in the field of health communication, with a particular interest in the use of new media or data science for health applications. The new colleague will contribute to undergraduate and graduate programs Communication and Information Sciences. Potential courses include: Psychology of Health Communication, eHealth and Technology, or Medical Information. The research of the department explores cognitive and social aspects of human communication through a multidisciplinary approach. Topics for research might include (but are not limited to):

  • the analysis, design and evaluation of health communication applications or virtual coaches which encourage life style changes (quitting smoking, starting to exercise, etc.);
  • analysis of user generated health content (blogs, social media);
  • personalised health information presentation;
  • detection of important episodes in medical data as a trigger for communicative interventions;
  • analysis and support of communicative skills of health professionals;
  • methods to study and predict therapy compliance, and to improve low compliance.

With her research and teaching, the candidate will participate in ‘Enhancing Health and Wellbeing’, one of the research and impact themes of Tilburg University. The specific name of the position can be adjusted, depending on the expertise and preferences of the candidate to be appointed.


From a successful candidate we expect:

  • A doctorate and substantial experience and outstanding performance in university education and research, shown by CV, teaching evaluations and relevant publications;
  • Ideas on education and on research relevant to the Department of Communication and Cognition;
  • Experience in supervision of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students;
  • Experience with grant applications, and preferably also successes in this area;
  • Ability to be a coach and role model for -in particular- female students and scholars.
  • Experience in collegial cooperation and academic management within the work environment and in national and international networks.


Depending on experience, record, and current position, the appointment may be for five years with the perspective of appointment for an indefinite period thereafter, or immediately for an indefinite period. We look for a full time or almost fulltime colleague (0.8 – 1.0 fte). The selected candidate will be ranked in the Dutch university employment system as associate professor (UHD). The gross salary depends on qualifications and experience, and ranges between € 4,815.- and € 6,438.- per month for a full time employment of 38 hours per week for an associate professor, and between € 5,334.- and € 7,766.- for a full professor. The salary is supplemented with an annual holiday pay and an end-of-year bonus. Candidates from outside the Netherlands may qualify for a temporary tax-free allowance equal to 30% of their taxable salary. The university will apply for such an allowance on their behalf. In the context of the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program, the candidate will have a start-up research grant of 10.000 euro. If the candidate does not speak Dutch yet, a sufficient passive understanding of Dutch will have to be acquired within two year after appointment. The university will facilitate courses for that purpose, if needed. The Tilburg School of Humanities will provide assistance in finding suitable accommodation. Candidates will need to have the Dutch University Teaching Qualification (BKO) or acquire one within two years after employment. The university offers attractive fringe benefits, such as an options model for terms and conditions of employment, compensation for parental leave, sports facilities. All university employees are covered by the so-called civil servants pension fund (ABP). We offer support for your personal development and career planning including courses, summer schools, conference visits etc.

For more information visit working at Tilburg University.

Additional information

Philip Eijlander Diversity Program

Diversity, inclusion, and equality are priorities of the university’s HR policy. The Philip Eijlander Diversity Program (PEDP) aims to scout and attract extra-ordinary female talent in academia in order to advance the competence areas that the Schools focus on in their research agenda’s and impact themes. As such PEDP can be seen as a quality label. Appointees will receive a start-up grant for their research and are invited to participate in a coaching & career strategy training. Read more about the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program: http://www.tilburguniversity.edu/PED.

For additional information, one may contact the Dean of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Prof. Dr. Willem B. Drees, e-mail: w.b.drees@tilburguniversity.edu, phone: +31 13 466 3577, or Prof.dr. Fons Maes, Head of the Department of Communication and Cognition, maes@uvt.nl; phone: +32 479 42 91 67.


Tilburg University is a modern university, specialized in social sciences and humanities and is internationally known for its high standards in education and scientific research as well as its good facilities. The Tilburg University campus offers both quietness and connectivity as it is located in a wooded park, ten minutes away from the city center, main highways, and railways. A mid-sized city of 200,000 inhabitants in the South of the Netherlands, in proximity to cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London, Tilburg is located at the very heart of Europe.

Tilburg University is committed to diversity as a self-evident value within its organization. Diversity, inclusion, and equality are important key priorities of the university’s HR policy. Under the Philip Eijlander Diversity Program, Tilburg University offers talented women with a passion for teaching and research a wonderful opportunity to design research and courses on important themes at the various Schools. Appointees will receive a start-up grant for their research and will participate in a networking and coaching program.

The motto of Tilburg University is ‘Understanding Society’. The university has schools for economics and management, social and behavioral sciences, law, humanities, and theology and has tight collaboration of academia with industry with access to data and domain expertise. As of January 2018, the School of Humanities has become the School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. As Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences we focus on humans in the context of the globalizing digital society, on the development of artificial intelligence and interactive technologies, on their impact on communication, culture and society, and on moral and existential challenges that arise. Its departments are Communication and Cognition, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Culture Studies, and Philosophy, while the school also hosts the University College Tilburg. Especially through the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, the School is actively involved in the development of ‘Mindlabs’ in Tilburg and in the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

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