group IT director

International and proactive connector

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  • 5-10 jaar
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Photonis Netherlands B.V. via BeljonWesterterp


  • Responsible for the group IT activities and infrastructure, contributing strategic goals and policy by developing group wide IT subjects.
  • Reporting to the Group COO, leading the local IT managers internationally.


  • Academic level, at least 5 years of experience in a similar role in an international setting, affinity with technology.
  • Natural leader, connector, business oriented, decisive, inspiring, organization-sensitive, strong communication skills, strategic.


Photonis is the global leader in the innovation, development and manufacturing of ion, electron and photon detectors, used in the industrial, scientific, medical and defense market. At the facilities, located in the Netherlands, France, the USA and in Asia, operators work daily on supplying a wide range of high performance products, each supported by departments such as Research & Development (R&D), Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, IT- and Program Management. See also:

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