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Dean/Lid College van Bestuur

The Dean has the ability to hold a role as thought leader and institutional spokesperson for Nyenrode's educational and research activities in the fields of business-related education and research.

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Breukelen, Utrecht
Vast contract
WO, Postdoctoraal
Aantal jaren werkervaring:
10-15 jaar, > 15 jaar


The company
Nyenrode is the only private university in the Netherlands, founded in 1946 by business and for business. Nyenrode offers intensive academic education, short-term and longer-term programs in the fields of business, management, accountancy, controlling, and fiscal law. It also undertakes scientific research in these areas. Nyenrode has traditionally been internationally oriented and Its alumni are found in over 100 countries.

It is located on a large estate with a medieval castle in the town of Breukelen, between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Nyenrode also has a location in Amsterdam and recently decided to further develop/enlarge the activities in the capital city. The total number of employees at Nyenrode is 350. Furthermore Nyenrode is a financially solid organization.

Nyenrode is more than just a university. Nyenrode is also a community, a tightly-knit network of people who retain a lifelong sense of connection to each other and to Nyenrode. Many of them stay in touch with their classmates and with Nyenrode for the rest of their lives, for example through the active alumni community. Furthermore, the alumni actively

contribute to the programs, provide coaching for their students, and become fundraisers to ensure that Nyenrode can continue to attract the best students

Position Dean.

The Dean has the obligation from heart and passion to deliver a substantial contribute in reaching the strategic goals of Nyenrode. In leading by example and representing Nyenrode at the relevant stakeholder meeting the Dean is able to position Nyenrode as a preferred partner to students and organizations. On the one hand this means investing in research, to enhance the research base with focus on relevant themes. On the other hand this means being able to bind with students and organizations in guiding them to Nyenrode as the go-to place. A place where study and business go hand-in-hand and where innovation thrives the core of the organization. In creating new services, emphasize on innovative types of learning, conducting the (for society and business) relevant research. The Dean has an important role in representing Nyenrode, his/her credibility in the outside networks is key for reaching the goals.

Place in the organization
The daily management of the university is in the hands of the University Board, presided over by the Rector Magnificus. The other board members are the Dean and the CFO. Nyenrode Business University is not only a university but also a business. The statutory name is Nyenrode B.V. The Nyenrode Foundation owns one hundred percent of its shares, as well as the castle and the 60 hectare estate. The Foundation Board acts as the supervisory board of Nyenrode to whom the University Board is accountable.

The Dean is responsible for the quality and development of the Executive Education Programmes (EEOD). Besides that the Dean has an active role in positioning the executive education programmes in the relevant fields of business opportunities. The EEOD consists of the

  • general management programs;
  • professional programs;
  • financial services programs;
  • corporate governance programs;
  • health & public organizations programs; and
  • customized solutions programs.

In the near future the degree programs and faculty will most likely also reside under the responsibility of the Dean. With this evolution of the role the Dean will become responsible for the entire education and part of the research of Nyenrode.

The Dean is, for his portfolio, responsible for the management of staff, budgets (planning & control) and national and international networking, in a team-based context. The Dean is responsible for all aspects of higher education and research relevant to his or hers portfolio, such as programme development in professionally accredited qualifications, assessment, research methodologies, supervision of industry-based theses, internationalizing initiatives.

The Dean has the ability to hold a role as thought leader and institutional spokesperson for Nyenrode's educational and research activities in the fields of business-related education and research. From his or hers perspective the Dean is accountable for achieving the strategic goals of Nyenrode and has a constructive and reflective role in the University Board. The Dean is responsible for upholding strong collaborative relations with with all University stakeholders, including students, faculty, administrative staff, alumni and industry partners. the Dean upholds the core values of Nyenrode, both through conduct and attitude, within and outside the University

Candidates preferably have gained doctorate level qualifications and professional registrations in a field of Business (such as business studies, business management, accountancy, marketing, economics, econometrics), Business Education and/or Social Sciences, relevant to the academic profile of Nyenrode. Candidates are experienced in terms of credentials in leadership positions, either in higher education or in the business world.

Candidates will preferably have held appointment within their career at the level of full professor in a Business, Business Education or a relevant field of the Social Sciences. They will have demonstrated experience in management and delivery of Executive Education programmes, whether open or customized. High academic credibility is crucial. They will have demonstrated experience in liaising with the business world, including knowledge of its educational/research needs, both formal and informal.

In terms of internal leadership and credibility in the relevant networks it is most important that candidates have a track record with organizational change (conducted themselves in their own organizations). And are more then average credible for business contacts in elaborating form experience gained personally in business. The optimal mix between business and academic leadership is key to be successful at Nyenrode, an organization in perfect hybrid between the two worlds.


- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with particular application to issues of academic, technological and systems integration in a multi-campus institution;

- Demonstrate excellent skills of communication and leadership with all University stakeholders, including students, faculty, administrative staff, alumni and industry partners. In particular, she/he will inspire a strongly collaborative relationship with other executives in progressing Nyenrode’s strategy;

- Being able to bond within the team, having good developed interpersonal and social skills;

- Reflective, coaching style of leadership, which is suitable for managing professionals;

- Capacity to be a thought leader, and institutional spokesperson, for Nyenrode's educational and research activities in the fields of business-related education and research;

- Having the ability to think clearly and pragmatically upon a good theoretical base;

- High-level fluency in all articulations of English and Dutch (listening, reading, writing, speaking);

- Humour and the ability to relativize;

- Creative and innovative personality, combined with the ability to bring focus and make choices.

Candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Voor het volledige functieprofiel zie www.nyenrode.nl

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