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Department Orthopedic Surgery, School Caphri / M4I Profession: Research & Science has a vacancy for a PostDoc position, 0,75 FTE.

The aim of this PD position is twofold; the first aim is to develop a tool that ensures a standard quality and quantity of tissue and fluids collected from …

5 maanden geleden


Minderbroedersberg, Maastricht, Limburg
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
27 - 30 uur
€ 3475 - € 4757 per maand


The aim of this PD position is twofold; the first aim is to develop a tool that ensures a standard quality and quantity of tissue and fluids collected from patients with different grades of OsteoArthritis (OA) and examine and search for biomarkers which help to further unravel different phenotypes and disease progression by the department of Orthopaedic Surgery. The second aim is to participate in the OA RegMedXB moonshot as representative for the clinical part which also implies tooling for inserting an osteochondral implant. In the future, we aim to identify the most appropriate treatment for OA by phenotype or, where relevant, fully personalized. Patient classification and treatment will be achieved by making a unique combination between known prognostic factors and proper (regenerative) implants and tooling. Biomarkers will be determined by collecting and analyzing tissue samples of patients during planned surgical treatments using the latest cell and tissue analysis techniques in collaboration with M4I, Biovolt B.V., and Zimmer-Biomet. For the tooling part, a strong collaboration exists with the AMC and TU/ Eindhoven. This means we are looking for a PD who has experience in analytical chemistry and tooling for both aims. Several methods will be applied to achieve the goals: set up a database in which different types of data come together, obtain permission from the METC to test the tooling, visiting the operating room, perform tissue/cell analysis techniques, set up of design criteria and guide the prototyping process for tooling. Before and parallel to these methods, a set of requirements for a point-of-care and osteochondral implant device that can determine the relevant biomarkers based on the experience in tissue collection with existing analytical techniques will be established. You will work closely with a PhD student at the UM who will have complementary expertise to conduct the research.

This research is done within a consortium mainly consisting of the MUMC+ Orthopaedics Department, AMC, TU/e and M4I. The projects are funded from Applied and Applied Sciences within the perspective research program entitled 'William Hunter Revisited: Activating intrinsic cartilage repair to restore joint homeostasis' to make a major step in regenerating cartilage and the moonshot OA line within RegMedXB.


  • The candidate has finished or will finish a PhD in the field of tooling, and/or Biochemistry, and/or Biophysics, and/or Bio(medical)-engineering, and/or Medicine with a clear experience in tooling and analytical chemistry.

  • The candidate has experience or at least a clear interest in surgical tooling and complex cell and tissue analysis techniques (Bioassay technology, MALDI MS)

  • The candidate is social competent to work in a multidisciplinary team and work with patients.

  • The candidate has a good set of organizational skills.

  • The candidate has the capacity to overview and unravel complex problems/challenges.

  • The candidate has a strong interest in both tooling and (fundamental) OA research.


It is a 0,75 fte temporary appointment at Maastricht University/department Orthopedic for the duration of 4 years. The terms of employment of Maastricht University are set out in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO). Furthermore, local UM provisions also apply. For more information look at the website www.maastrichtuniversity.nl» Support» UM employees.

For the other 0,25 fte you will be appointed at AMC Amsterdam/department of Orthopaedic Surgery and also for a duration of 4 years. AMC will invite you separately for an employment conditions interview.

The work will mainly take place in Maastricht.

Additional information

For more information on the content of the function, please contact Dr. Pieter Emans, Orthopedic Surgeon, MUMC + tel: + 31-43-3875039, p.emans@mumc.nl or dr. ir. Gabrielle Tuijthof, senior onderzoeker, AMC tel: +31-6-24585515, gabrielle.tuijthof@zuyd.nl.