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Vacant PhD position in development and application of innovative methods for (non-invasive) preimplantation and prenatal genetic testing

We are recruiting a talented and ambitious PhD student interested in the development of a new method for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), as well as the application of those methods to studying genome dynamics in early development.

6 maanden geleden


Joseph Bechlaan, Maastricht, Limburg
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
36 - 40 uur
€ 2325 - € 2972 per maand


During the course of this PhD research, you will develop new methods to enhance current reproductive healthcare and investigate the effect of genome plasticity on preimplantation and prenatal development. In line with the innovative nature of the research group and its track record (see here), you will develop novel molecular and computational approaches to broaden the scope of current PGT and NIPT. You will also study the impact of (epi)genome plasticity in early development on health and disease at later stages of the development. Specifically, you will profile genome and epigenome of single cells and liquid biopsy derived from embryos, spent culture medium as well as plasma to explore their connectivity. Results will be correlated with clinical outcomes.



  • MSc in Life Sciences or Medicine, preferably in Molecular Genetics or Bioinformatics


  • A scientific mindset, critical thinking capacity and a strong interest in computational biology;

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability of working in a team;

  • Experience with high-throughput molecular assays, e.g. next-generation sequencing, is a plus;

  • Experience with programming languages, object-oriented programming, data integration and machine learning is a plus.


The terms of employment of Maastricht University are set out in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO). Furthermore, local UM provisions also apply. For more information look at the website www.maastrichtuniversity.nl.

Additional information

For more information please contact Dr. Masoud Zamani Esteki (masoud.zamaniesteki@mumc.nl).