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Assistant Professor in Agricultural Water Management (0.8-1 fte)

The Water Resources Management group is looking for an Assistant Professor in the field of Agricultural Water Management. Building on insights from …

7 maanden geleden


Droevendaalsesteeg, Wageningen, Gelderland
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
38 - 38 uur


The Water Resources Management group is looking for an Assistant Professor in the field of Agricultural Water Management. Building on insights from irrigation, agronomy, hydrology and water engineering you will study design, planning and use practices of agricultural water systems, and link these to societal and policy questions of sustainable development, food security and climate change adaptation. Specific attention could be given to the issue of shifting across scales (e.g. field, farm, system, basin, landscape), as this may redress societal objectives and/or alter the normative interpretation of sustainability or efficiency of water use. The Assistant Professor should be able to bridge the natural and social sciences, by linking these science fields to policy and spatial planning. This could for instance involve critical evaluations of agricultural performance, agro-hydrological simulation tools and the effects across space (field, farm, basin) and time (drought, climate change) in the context of the water-food-environment nexus policy and planning.

Education (40% time allocation)
The Assistant Professor will have the following education responsibilities, to be further developed based on experience and interest:

  • Inputs to and further development of the Bachelor and Master International Land and Water Management courses, such as , 'Irrigation and Water Management', 'Land and Water Engineering' 'Design in Land and Water Management 1 and 2', 'Water System Design for Water Use from Multiple Sources' and 'Water Delivery'.
  • Education innovation;
  • Supervise PhD, MSc and BSc students.
    Research (40% time allocation)
  • The candidate will be expected to develop and implement a research agenda that will strengthen the group's capacity in the broader field of agricultural water management that fits the interdisciplinary research of the Water Resources Management Group (see above and https://www.wur.nl/en/Research-Results/Chair-groups/Environmental-Sciences/Water-Resources-Management.htm). Such an agenda can focus on agricultural water management processes at different levels as well as on policy-science interface issues, such as food production in urbanised coastal regions, water-food-energy nexus in arid areas, circular food production in cities or on the role of models in scientific assessments and policy processes.
    Projects and general chair group work (20% time allocation)
    The Assistant Professor will work partly on projects that link research, capacity-building and policy support in the field of Agricultural Water Management at the science-policy interface. You will be involved in the acquisition of these projects.


We are looking for a candidate with a PhD degree with about 3 years of field work experience and a good network; an interdisciplinary and sociotechnical approach to agricultural water management studies with proven capacity to address societal questions; good didactic and communication skills; proactive; fluency in English (and another global language ); and a fine team player. International travels for research and education projects are part of this position. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


A part-time (30.4 hours/0.8 fte per week) or full-time (38 hours/1.0 fte per week) appointment as Assistant Professor (Tenure Track). Evaluation on job performance is every 3 years, and a positive outcome will lead to a permanent position after 7 years. Your salary will depend on knowledge and experience. Gross salary per month is from € 3637,- to € 4978,- (scale 11) based on full time employment.
You will enter a career trajectory called Tenure Track, with a phenomenal environment for you to grow, excel and work within the department to make a difference in our field. Successful evaluation will allow growing towards a Professor holding a Personal Chair. This includes the chance to define your own research line and research group. We offer training and coaching, as well as opportunities to work part-time.

In addition, we offer:
  • 8% holiday allowance;
  • a structural year-end bonus of 8.3%;
  • excellent training opportunities and secondary employment conditions;
  • flexible working hours and holidays can possibly be determined in consultation so that an optimal balance between work and private life is possible;
  • excellent pension plan through ABP;
  • 232 vacation hours, the option to purchase extra and good supplementary leave schemes;
  • a flexible working time: the possibility to work a maximum of 2 hours per week extra and thereby to build up extra leave;
  • a choice model to put together part of your employment conditions yourself, such as a bicycle plan;
  • a lively workplace where you can easily make contacts and where many activities take place on the Wageningen Campus. A place where education, research and business are represented.

Additional information

For more information you may contact prof.dr. Petra Hellegers, Water Resources Management Group, Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, tel. (+31) (0)6-51679951; email: petra.hellegers@wur.nl

You can apply before 16 September 2019.

Please do not send your application directy to Prof. Hellegers.