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PhD Candidate - ‘Spain, race/ethnicity in televised football’ in Media and Culture (f/m, 1.0 FTE)

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD Candidate who wishes to conduct his or her PhD research in the context of a research project funded by the …

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Burgemeester Oudlaan, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
Tijdelijk contract / Tijdelijke opdracht
Uren per week:
40 uur


We are looking for a highly motivated PhD Candidate who wishes to conduct his or her PhD research in the context of a research project funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) entitled How racist is televised football and do audiences react?

As a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC), you will have ample opportunity to collaborate with renowned academics with an international and interdisciplinary approach.

A Master’s degree in the Social Sciences or Humanities is required, as well as wide-ranging knowledge of and affinity for the sociology of sport, media studies and race/ethnicity studies, from a critical perspective, as well as qualitative methods of social scientific research. In particular, some experience with participant observation, (focus group) interviewing and discourse analysis is desirable. In addition to an understanding of the latest developments in the field, the candidate must possess didactic skills and an affinity for working with students. Candidates who take a proven interest in the field of race/ethnicity, cultural and media studies and the sociology of sport in particular are preferred. Proficiency in spoken and written Spanish and English is a must.

Research duties (80%)

- Conducting PhD research within the framework of the Televised football project;
Contributing to the data collection and data analysis of the project;
- Publishing and presenting research results in the form of articles in international peer reviewed journals and papers at international conferences;
- Writing a dissertation within the appointment duration of four years;
- Defending the dissertation to complete the doctoral degree;
- Assisting in the organisation of workshops and other knowledge utilisation activities
- Performing organisational tasks in the context of ESHCC, in particular with regard to the Department of Media and Communication;
- Taking part in seminars, workshops, etc. that are organised by the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC) as well as the research schools and scholarly associations of which ERMeCC is part.

Teaching duties (20%)

- Preparing and giving lessons within the context of the various degree programmes in the field of Media and Communication provided by the ESHCC;
- Monitoring the literature and integrating new insight into the lessons;
- Supervising and coaching students;
- Contributing to the evaluation of the lessons, both in terms of structure and execution;
- Participating in committees or working groups, as well as performing designated organisational tasks.


  • A Master’s degree in the Social Sciences or Humanities, preferably a research master;

  • Wide-ranging knowledge of and affinity with the sociology of sport, media studies, cultural studies and race/ethnicity studies;

  • Proven affinity for qualitative empirical research, as evidenced by your master’s thesis, publications, research plans and other projects;

  • Independence and interpersonal skills (connecting with journalists and audiences in the Spanish context is important for the data collection)

  • Didactic potential. Teaching experience is considered an advantage;

  • A willingness to develop knowledge and skills in various disciplines and to increase the ability to teach a wide range of subjects within the faculty’s degree programme;

  • Organisational experience and skills;

  • Proficiency in spoken and written English. Non-English speakers have to meet the C1-standards of the Common European Framework (CEF).

  • Excellent proficiency in spoken and written Spanish. Native speakers are preferred.


Employment starts in principal in December, 2018. The initial contract will be running for a term of 1,5 years, which - depending on performance – will be extended with a second term of 2,5 years.

The conditions of employment correspond with the “CAO Nederlandse Universiteiten” (CAO NU). For the job of PhD Candidate (Promovendus) the salary ranges from € 2.266 to € 2.897 (grade P) gross per month on a 38 hour per week contract.

The EUR has attractive employment conditions, which include a holiday allowance of 8.0%, an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% and 41 annual vacation days in case of a full workweek.

Additional information

Project description Televised football

Televised men’s football (soccer) is one of the most visibly mixed ethnic cultural practices. Despite the alleged social function of football as a uniting social force, numerous studies have also shown how football journalists incorporate racial/ethnic stereotypes in their commentary associating Black footballers with bodily, athletic qualities but not with domains that require intelligence. It remains unknown, though, how these discourses come about. We therefore need to shift the research-focus towards the journalists who produce the football coverage. The vast majority of football journalists is white but little is known about the intersection of whiteness and the meanings journalists give to racial/ethnic diversity of players. The project will supplement a focus on the production process with an examination of televised football content and audience receptions. The research question guiding the project is: How do discourses of race/ethnicity play a role in televised football production and how are these discourses articulated at the nexus of televised football content and audience receptions? The study will be conducted across four European countries: Poland, Spain, England, and the Netherlands.

This PhD project will explore meanings given to race/ethnicity in men’s televised football in Spain. Data collection will combine content analyses of football screenings with individual interviews, focus group interviews, and participant observations, amongst football journalists and televised football audiences. Additional innovative methods including online group interviews and video analysis will be used. Relevant stakeholders will be involved in valorization activities. Theoretical and empirical findings will advance an understanding on how media content, production and reception relate to each other in the construction of race/ethnicity and how whiteness plays a role in the European/Spanish (football media) context.

The candidate will be appointed for a period of four years. He/she will be located in Rotterdam but an important part of the data collection will take place in Spain.

Additional information
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Additional information about the vacancies can be obtained from dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg (sterkenburg@eshcc.eur.nl).