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Supervisory Board Member FMO

The Dutch development bank FMO is looking for a Supervisory Board Member

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Den Haag, Zuid-Holland
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The Dutch development bank FMO is the driving force behind investments empowering entrepreneurs in emerging markets. FMO invests in the private sector with the aim of enhancing local prosperity in places where it is needed most. The focus is on three industries: Energy, Financial Institutions and Agribusiness, Food and Water. Funded by the Dutch government, private sector banks and private investors, FMO takes risks that the commercial sector is not willing or able to take alone. To that end FMO makes loans and arranges syndicated loans, provides guarantees and trade finance, and also invests directly and indirectly in a private equity portfolio with a broad scope.

FMO sees its role extending beyond financing to challenging businesses to meet high standards regarding the welfare of society, of corporate governance and the environment, with the intention that these businesses create jobs, decrease inequality and help alleviate climate change. FMO’s ambition is to contribute to a world in which in 2050, more than 9 billion people live well and within the means of the planet’s resources.

To achieve its mission of empowering entrepreneurs to build a better world, FMO invests in businesses, projects and financial institutions, by providing capital, knowledge and networks to support sustainable growth. Goal is to become the preferred partner to invest in local prosperity. FMO’s strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on:

  • Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8): Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic grow, full and productive employment and decent work for all
  • Reduced inequalities (SDG 10): Reduce inequality within and among countries
  • Climate action (SDG 13): Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Key figures of FMO’s financial performance as measured against the SDGs are available in the 2018 annual report published on the website.

FMO was founded in 1970 and is a public-private partnership, with 51% of its shares held by the Dutch State and 49% held by commercial banks, trade unions and other members of the private sector. FMO has a triple A rating from both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

FMO has a total committed portfolio of €9.6 billion, of which € 3.3 in Africa, € 2.3 in Asia, € 1.8 in Latin America and the Caribbean and € 1.5 in Eastern Europe and central Asia.

FMO’s mission and the complexity of the investments require an inspired and empowered staff. By year end 2018 FMO employed 533 people representing 50 nationalities.

FMO has articulated its values and behaviors as the following:

Making the difference:

We are courageous and entrepreneurial

We create value for all our stakeholders

We accelerate sustainable development


We respect differences and listen

We embrace dilemma's

We include multiple perspectives


We are accountable and support clear decisions

We communicate expectations and share feedback

We learn, professionalize and innovate together


We are responsible and compliant

We are transparent and build trust

We are true to our vision and our mission

FMO’s strategy, as set forth in the 2018 annual report, is to strive for:

  • A higher impact portfolio with a goal to doubling impact in number of jobs supported and halving footprint in terms of greenhouse gasses avoided by 2020.
  • Deeper relationships with FMO’s stakeholders through catalyzed and blended funds, building partnerships and managing funds on behalf of the Dutch government.
  • Higher productivity through strengthening information management, redesigning processes and systems, and aligning team roles for greater effectiveness.


FMO has a two-tier Board Structure. FMO is expected to take into account the interests of all the stakeholders at all times. This expectation is expressed through the responsibilities and accountability of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board to the shareholders and other stakeholders. The Supervisory Board supervises and advises the Management Board. New members are nominated by the Supervisory Board and appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders. Appointment of both Supervisory Board members and Management Board members is subject to the approval of the Dutch Central Bank.

The FMO Supervisory Board currently has an opening for a new Supervisory Board Member.

Responsibilities of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board’s remit is to supervise the Management Board’s conduct of the business of FMO. The Supervisory Board specifically approves the strategy, the budget and the bank’s risk profile. The Supervisory Board members assess at a strategic level whether capital allocation and liquidity impact are in line with the approved risk appetite. The Supervisory Board advises and acts as a sparring partner to the Management Board. The Supervisory Board appoints the Management Board members and evaluates their performance. With regard to Corporate Governance, the Supervisory Board ensures that FMO complies with the applicable corporate governance codes and adheres to best practices in the performance of its duties. The Supervisory Board is at all times guided by the best interests of the company, and those of FMO’s stakeholders.

The powers of the Supervisory Board rest with the Supervisory Board as a collective body and are exercised in joint responsibility.

The Supervisory Board has three committees: the Audit and Risk Committee, the Selection, Appointment and Remuneration Committee, and a newly established Impact Committee to deal with ESG (including Human Rights), impact strategy and impact measurement, NGO stakeholders and communication, audit reporting regarding impact and international developments regarding impact. Every Supervisory Board member participates in at least one of the three committees mentioned above.

Board members also have a responsibility for:

  • Maintaining contact with stakeholders to agree on certain topics of for accountability.
  • Acting as employer for Management board members, appointing board members, appraising their performance, and proposing the remuneration policy to the AGM.
  • Monitoring compliance with best practice governance principles.

The Supervisory Board consists of 6 members with complementary knowledge, experience and skill sets.


For this specific vacancy the requirements are:

  • Knowledge of project activities in developing countries and emerging markets through NGO or private sector experience.
  • Proven experience with Human Rights/Indigenous Peoples Rights, the IFC Performance Standards and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • A strong network in Dutch and international development institutions, civil society and NGOs and knowledge of their decision making processes and the political sensitivities as related to FMO’s work in developing countries.
  • Leadership experience.
  • Sound understanding of financial reporting, private equity funding and project finance.

Personal characteristics:

  • Academic credentials, independent thinker; shows curiosity.
  • Intelligence and emotional intelligence.
  • Great personal integrity, to highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Open to debate and discussion, but with the courage to take a stand and stay the course if needed, acting in line with own beliefs, values and ethics as these relate to the FMO mission.
  • Passion for development work, sustainability and human rights.
  • The appointment for this position is one of two Supervisory Board positions made on the recommendation of the FMO Works Council. Members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for a term of four years and may be reappointed for another four year period. All meetings and documentation are in English.

The time investment for this position will generally amount to between 12 and 20 days per year. This includes preparing and attending meetings of the Supervisory Board and the subcommittees, Works Council Meeting, Strategy meeting (s), the General Shareholders meeting and the time spent on permanent education. The remuneration for this position is currently €18,000 per annum.

From a gender balance perspective, the Supervisory Board has a preference for a woman for this position. Appointment will be subject to approval of the Dutch Central Bank. Such approval may be conditional to following an additional course in the areas of finance and risk.

Van der Laan & Co is coordinating the search and selection for the FMO Supervisory Board. If you wish to be considered for this position please apply with your resume and motivational letter via https://www.vanderlaanco.nl/nl/vacancies/ before July 5 2019. If you require more information, please contact Karen Kragt or Carien van der Laan at Van der Laan & Co at 035 5480760.